Athlete Spotlight


She is a returning basketball player. She is a sophomore, a forward player. She is an honor student.

Orginally from Australia she went to Liberty High School. She played basketball as a freshman.  

She credits her mom and dad for her academic career. 

About her coach and team she says, Coach Lennox is a perfectionist. She pushes all of the team and provides structure. My teammates help keep me stay on target.

Her reason for coming to MCC-Penn Valley?  She said she heard it was a good college to go to.

Sideline Sports Talk

NJCAA - 75yrs: 1938-2013

        Women's Basketball 2017-2018


Coach Lennox's Expectations

The expectations for the women's basketball program at MCC- Penn Valley are very high. We will act with class wherever we play. Cheer for our team and applaud our opponents when they play well – showing true sportsmanship. We will not yell or argue with officials, players, coaches, opponents, or opposing fans but communicate effectively at all times. As with our players, we represent Penn Valley and the community that we will represent at all times in a positive light.

The one thing that can destroy a team faster than anything that happens on the court is an air of negativity roaring from within the program. The Penn Valley program thrives on uplifting one another and supporting each other on and off the court. Put downs on any level will not be tolerated towards players, coaches, staff or people in the community. Basketball is a team game and your actions reflect on the team and the basketball program as well as the college. It is important to make right decisions on the court, in the classroom, outside school and in the community.

The women’s basketball program will be a positive pillar in the community and its members will serve as role models for the college by obeying all drug policies as they are aligned with the Penn Valley Community College standards and the coaching staff.

The women's basketball program will practice open communication and come to practices, games and events ready to give their very best every day.

 “Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.”        ― Muhammad Ali