Coach Marcus D. Harvey's Bio

  • Paseo High School, 1975
  • MCC-Penn Valley Community College, 1975-77
  • Southeast Missouri State University, 1977-79
  • Assistant Coach - Southeast Missouri State University, 1979-80
  • B.A. Degree, Avila College, 1986
  • Seven years as Penn Valley Men's Assistant Coach
  • Ten years as Penn Valley Women's Head Coach
  • Region 16 Coach of the Year (Women) 1994-95, 1995-96, 1997-98, 1999-2000, 2000-01, and 2009-10
  • 8 years as MCC-Penn Valley Men's Head Coach

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Basketball Coaches

        Men's Team

Coach Marcus Harvey.

Athletic Director/Program Manager

Head Men's Coach, and Teacher 


Marcus Harvey has an impressive record of coaching teams: his teams have played postseason 14 times in the last 18 years.

Coaching Record:MCC-Penn Valley (1993 to present; Women's Head Coach: 1994-2003, 2009-10; Athletic Director/Manager;1999-current; Men's Head Basketball Coach/2003 to present). Prior to starting the women's program, Marcus was an assistant coach for the men's program for seven years. During this time, the men's team won four regional championships and advanced to the national tournament twice, placing 3rd and 5th, respectively. Harvey's record as head women's coach was 241 wins and 91 loses. His teams have finished 2nd, 8th, 7th, 2nd and 6th place in the national tournaments in Danville, Ill. He was named Region 16 "Coach of the Year" nine out of ten years. Marcus Harvey has been Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball team at MCC-Penn Valley for the past 8 years. During this time, his teams have won three Regional Championships; two District Championships and placed 3rd, 9th, 6th and 7th in the NJCAA Division II National Tournament. Harvey has coached seven All-Americans on the women's team and seven on the men's team including one Kodak All-American. Marcus' playing experience includes Paseo High School in Kansas City, Missouri; all conference player at Southeast Missouri Slate University; student assistant coach for one year after completing his playing career there and played professionally in Esperanza, Argentina.


As Head Men's Basketball Coach 

Year     Wins  Losses     Special Team Achievements    Coach Achievements
2003-04      28        9      3rd Place - National Tournament  Region 16 Coach of the Year   
2004-05      14       20     Region 16 Runner-up
2005-06      23       13     9th Place - National Tournament  Region 16 Coach of the Year
2006-07      21       11     Region 16 Runner-up
2007-08      28         8     6th Place - National Tournament  Region 16 Coach of the Year
2008-09      28         5     Region 16 NJCAA Champions       Region 16 Coach of the Year
2009-10      22       13     Placed in National Tournament     Region 16 Coach of the Year
2010-11      20       12     Region XVI Runner up
2011-12      18       19     Placed in National Tournament     Region 16 Coach of the Year

2014-15                         Placed 7th in the National Tournament

Total 9 yrs  202     111

As Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Year         Wins    Losses      Special Team Achievements             
1987-88          14       18
1988-89          21       13          Region 16 Runner-up
1989-90          17       15          Region 16 Runner-up
1990-91          17       15          Region 16 Runner-up
1991-92          31        4           3rd Place - National Tournament       
1992-93          29        7           5th  Place - National Tournament
1993-94          23       10
Total 7yr        152       82

As Head Women's Basketball Coach

Year            Wins    Losses    Special Team Achievements     Special Coach Achievements
1994-95         22          9         Region 16 Champions                    Region XVI Coach of the Year
1995-96         24          8         Region 16 Champions                    Region XVI Coach of the Year                   
1996-97         21         12        6th Place - National Tournament    Region XVI Coach of the Year
1997-98         27          9         2nd Place - National Tournament   Region XVI Coach of the Year
1998-99         19         13        Region 16 Runner-up
1999-00         26           8        6th Place - National Tournament    Region XVI Coach of the Year
2000-01         29           4        2nd Place - National Tournament   Region XVI Coach of the Year
2001-02         25         10        8th Place - National Tournament    Region XVI Coach of the Year
2002-03         26           6        Region 16 Runner-up
2009-10         20         11        Region 16 - Champions                 Region XVI Coach of the Year

Total 10 yr      241       90

Men's Basketball—All Americans

2004-05 Martane Freeman - Northeast High School First Team
2005-06 Bobby Allbrittion - Hickman Mills Third Team
2006-07 Lonnel Johnson - St. Louis, Mo Second Team
2007-08 Edriss Floyd - Truman High School Second Team
2007-08 Pierre DeClue - Northeast High School First Team
2008-09 Pierre DeClue - Northeast High School First Team

Women's Basketball—All Americans

1996 Devon Ahrens - Blue Springs high School First Team
1997 Jononni Harris - Southeast High School Second Team
2000 Keasha Cannon - Washington High School First  Team
2001 Keasha Cannon- Washington High School First Team
2001 Missy Wilt - Lone Jack High School Third Team
2002 Derica Davidson - Truman High School First Team
2002 Denise Turner - Lee's Summit High School Second Team

Asst. Coach Ed Wilson

Martane Freeman - Assistant Coach


Martane has been a professional basketball player for the last eight years. He has played all over the world with the overseas team. He has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado. He has played basketball, taught others how to play basketball, trained children, taught English. He holds a wealth of playing experience, has he knowledge to use a winning strategy, sets goals to achieve and has the energy to fulfill his strategic goals for the Scouts program.


        Lewis Smith - Assistant Coach Lewis loves being a basketball coach. He works full time for the North Kansas City School District.



Sheri Deets - Strength Trainer Sheri Deets, Sr.

WITS Personal Trainer, AFAA Primary & Step, NETA Yoga & Pilates, AHA BLS Instructor

Penn Valley:
10 years full time fitness specialist, 14 years part time instructor