2014 - 2015  Schedule

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Day Time Opponent Field
10/12 7:00AM 3-Game Jamboree Away
10/18 5:00PM Avil U Jamboree Away
10/25 7:00PM Jamboree Park Univ Away
11/4 Graceland JV   Away
11/6 7:00PM Ottawa Univ.  
11/10 7:00PM St. Mary's University Home
11/14 & 11/15 1:00PM North Arkansas Classic  OV Away
11/19 7:00PM Moberly CC Away
11/21-22 TBA Fort Scott Classis Away
11/25 7:00pm


11/28-29   Thanksgiving Classic
12/2 7:00PM KCKS Home
12/5 7:00PM Livin' the Dream  Home
12/8 7:00PM Ottawa Home
12/16 7:00PM JCCC Home
1/6 7:00PM KCKS Away
1/13 7:00PM  Mo. Valley College JV  Away
1/17 4:00PM St. Louis CC Home



1/22 4:00PM N. Arkansas Home
1/28 7:30PM Wentworth Military Acad. Away
1/31  3:00 PM NCCC Home
2/4 5:00PM Wentworth Military Aca Home
2/7 4:00PM Moberly CC Home
2/10 7:00PM MO Valley College JV  
2/14 4:00PM NCCC  
2/17 4:00PM Wentworth Military Acad. Home
2/21 4:00PM St. Louis Away
2/27-28 TBA Regional Playoff Away
3/7 TBA District Playoff Off Region 16 TBA
3/18- 3/21 TBA National Tournament Danville, IL



Athlete Spotlight

Erin Jones

Erin JonesOne of the starters for this year's Scouts is Erin Jones. He is a 6'2" freshman who plays the guard position.

Jones went to Oak Park high school. He came to MCC-Penn Valley to get his skills ready for the next level.

He says, "I like the one-on-one help I get from the coaches. They challenge me to be better and want me to be a more vocal leader. Coach wants me to 'take the brakes off' and use my God-given talent to my advantage."

One of the reasons Jones came to MCC-Penn Valley was he was a fan when he was seven years old. His kids’ basketball team was named the Scouts and got their jerseys from Penn Valley. When he was ten, he went to a Scouts game.

Jones is studying business at Penn Valley.

NJCAA - 75yrs: 1938-2013

Men's Basketball News

Men's Basketball

2014-15 Team Continues a Legacy of Excellence

Coach Marcus Harvey's philosophy, "Play solid defense, score as much as you can, and play non-selfishly as a team." That sums up his thoughts as he enters his twelfth season as men's head coach.
Last years' Scouts team is ranked #8 preseason in the NJCC Division II, even in what might be called a rebuilding year. Why? Because the program has consistently fielded exceptional teams, whether rebuilding or not. The team has won its regional championship 14 times, been runner-up nine times, has gone to the national tournament 14 times and won the national championship in 1995-96.
Home of the Scouts is the A. Fred Pohlman Fieldhouse, named after the revered coach who started the MCC-Penn Valley program in 1967 and won more than 600 games.
The program has not had to recruit too heavily, because of referrals from former players. Coach Harvey says, "Treat the players you have right, and they'll bring others."
Throughout the area, quality players are drawn to the program. Those players look to get a year or two of experience in an excellent program before moving on to division one. Coach Harvey says, "If you do what you're supposed to do and do what we ask, we can almost guarantee a scholarship for you when you move on."