2014 Schedule more details

Day Time Opponent Field
8/26 1:00pm JCCC Away
9/2 4:00pm St. Charles CC Away
9/4 2:00pm STLCC Home
9/10 2:00pm Lewis & Clark CC Home
9/15 2:00pm KCKCC Home
9/25 2:00pm MCC-Blue River Away
9/30 3:00pm Iowa Western CC Away
10/3 Cancelled SW Illinois Home
10/9 11:00am Neosho CC Away
10/14 3:00pm NE Oklahoma A&M Away
10/16 2:00pm Northern Oklahoma CC Away
10/18 12:00pm Utah State University Eastern Home
10/31-11/1 TBD Regional Tournament St. Charles, MO

Athlete Spotlight

Beth Mellor

Beth Mellor is a freshman from Manchester, England. She attended Royton & Crompton High school.

Beth started playing when she was 9 years old. She is currently a midfielder with one goal and three assists.

Beth is planning to move to a four year University after she gets her associate degree. She will be majoring in Sports Psychology or Physiotherapy.


NJCAA - 75yrs: 1938-2013

Sports Training Center (STC): MCC-Maple Woods

Monarchs Women's Soccer News

Monarchs rally for an end-of-the-season push

After a few losses and a win, the Monarchs are pushing themselves toward the end of the season with a positive attitude and a focus on getting back to the fundamentals of the game.

With 3 games left in the season, the Monarchs are looking to end the season on a high note against Northeaster Oklahoma, Northern Oklahoma, and Eastern Utah.

Building success on and off the field

Coach Timo Kibune is not just an women’s soccer coach. Rather, he sees himself as an academic mentor and leadership trainer to every player that joins the team.

“Our philosophy is to develop leaders on and off the field. We want our student athletes to always strive to be the best, no matter where they are,” Kibune said. "Our emphasis is in the classroom. All the coaches are on the same page and we all understand how important it is to see our student athletes transition to a four-year school.”

Kibune’s emphasis on student in the term student-athlete has proven successful in the short time MCC-Maple Woods has fielded a women’s soccer team. In five years, Kibune led his team to the region championship game twice and to the semi finals twice.

Individual players are also bringing home recognition, as a handful of players have been named All-Americans for their stellar performances on the field.

“I believe in respect, leadership and responsibility from all my athletes,” Kibune said. “All these are tools that have helped and assisted our students to succeed in and out of the classroom.”