NJCAA - 75yrs: 1938-2013

Sports Training Center (STC): MCC-Maple Woods


"The Maple Woods Sports Training Center Staff is a first class organization. They have top notch instructors that provide lessons to youth athletes from all over the Kansas City area and you see the players develop with each and every lesson provided. The staff focuses on ensuring the athletes are given quality instruction and are provided with information and tools it takes to play at the collegiate level. Also, they make sure the players remain confident in their abilities to get better with each and every visit to their facility. It is impressive to see where each athlete starts and the finished product after receiving the staff's instruction."

-Jerry Lafferty, MLB Scout for over 30 years-

"The facility is a valuable asset, but the more valuable resource is the people involved. They have a sincere desire to help players improve. There is a real track record there that shows a pattern of success in player development. It helps coaches like myself as they can take it one step further by preparing them for a certain level and then getting them connected with the right people."

-Tony Vitello, University of Arkansas Assistant Baseball Coach-

"The Maple Woods Sports Training Center is one of the finest facilities in the KC Metro Area. They provide lessons and instruction for all age levels. I would recommend the Maple Woods Sports Training Center to any player that wants to get better now and in the future."

-Dirk Kinney, MLB Scout St. Louis Cardinals-

"As a scout the last seven years in the Kansas City Area I have gotten to know the coaching staff at Maple Woods well. They are knowledgeable in all facets of the game and have a great passion and energy for the game and seeing their players improve. I have seen numerous players come through the Maple Woods Program and leave there as better more complete players than when they got there. I would recommend the Maple Woods Sports Training Center to any young baseball player looking to improve as a player and get the most out of his abilities."

-Dustin Smith, MLB Scout Texas Rangers-