NJCAA - 75yrs: 1938-2013

Sports Training Center (STC): MCC-Maple Woods

Hitting League

Winter Hitting League

The MCC-Maple Woods Sports Training Center Staff is now offering annual hitting leagues.

The leagues consist of:

  • 1 hour sessions or 7 innings of hitting.
  • Each Player will receive 6 swings per inning for 7 innings.
  • Each player will be individually scored by a Sports Training Center Staff Member.
  • Weekly winners at each age group.
  • Overall winner at each age group based on overall score for the 6 weeks.
  • Winners will be awarded prizes.
  • Each member of the team will receive a hitting league t-shirt.
  • Cost is $80 per player or $275 per group of 4.


If you would like to sign up to participate in the MCC-Maple Woods Sports Training Center Hitting League, please contact (816) 604-3500.

Hitting League Rules

  • Four players per team
  • Teams can use substitute players if original players cannot play a certain game.
  • Six pitches per player per inning.
  • 1-hour time limit or seven inning contests.
  • Point Values: 1 point below line on side net, 2 points above line on side nets, 3 points for line drive to back net in green area, 4 points above green area on back net.
  • No Points for hitting top net, ground balls, foul balls or missed swing.
  • Games will start promptly at the top of the hour.
  • Time limit will start if team is not present.
  • Each Participant scored individually
  • Ages 6-8: 38-42 MPH
  • Ages 9-10: 44-50 MPH
  • Ages 11-13: 50-55 MPH
  • Ages 14-16: 60-65 MPH